Section Notes & News November 2017.



October's Quiz Answer.

These objects are called Jew's or Jaw Harps. They are simple musical instruments. The "legs" are pressed to the players lips with the mouth partly open and the flat spring twanged. Different notes can be made by breathing in or out and by moving the tongue to give the mouth a different shape and thus a different note. Often used in country music.  Several people sent in correct answers. Well done.



November's Quiz Question.


 These two objects are two examples of the same thing. Although they are old they are just the same shape as modern ones that are in use today. Perhaps the only way up to date examples differ is that they are made from different materials. These were seen on display at the Skidby Mill museum.  The question is,"What are they called and what are they used for?"

November A.G.M.

The AGM was well attended. Three members who had not been to our meetings recently swelled the numbers a little. Welcome.

The Chairman opened the meeting at eight o'clock. The Les Watson Rose bowl was awarded to Brian Springette and the Chairman's award to John Thompson.

 At the election of officers stage in the proceedings the retiring chairman stepped down. The Section presented him with a painting of Beverley Market Cross for his services to the section. He thanked one and all for the gift.

 After some discussion Chris Edmund was elected as Chairman - Glen Bradley elected as Treasurer and Secretary - John Taylor will serve another year as President - John Thompson as Minuts Secretary - Harry Holdorf as section Notes Scribe. The AGM was closed and the business of runs was discussed the outcome being  that run organisers would get together with the new Chairman and set the dates  for 2018.

The question of the Christmas dinner was also brought up and a plan of action will be put in place for the next meeting.

The meeting was closed the raffle was drawn and members enjoyed an excellent buffet.


 President J. Taylor presenting retiring Chairman Harry with a picture of Beverley Market Cross in recognition of his work in the Section.



John Thompson recieving the Presidents award, from the President,for his services to the Section.

Well done John.







Harry's Page.  

I am pleased to report that November's edition of Section Notes and Harry's Page have plenty of photos to start the month rolling. All the photos have been sent in by members. It certainly makes things interesting when we share our experiences. Your contributions are always welcome.

Many thanks to you all.

The order in which the photos are posted is simply random!

This first group are the transformation of an OK Supreme from a very handy looking trials bike to a wonderful road going machine. The photos were sent in by Brian Thompson who did give me some information about the bike and its owner but I have mislaid  the piece of paper! I will contact Brian and ask for the information again. I had a much heavier bike than the OK with a JAP engine fitted and it went very well so this should give a good performance.



Take time to study the photos and take in the all the modifications.


  This photo was sent in by Ian Cooney.

 He tells me that it is a 1915 James and the bike was last taxed 2005. Ian wonders if the bike is still around somewhere and does anyone knows anything about it or the owner?

Just working forward from the date at the bottom of the newspaper, Mr. Walker would be at least 80, then add on how old he was when the photo was taken means it would be unlikely he is still riding.

I wonder if he had the bike during the war or was it bought after?

Who knows? These old bikes, if only they could speak!


November 6th Update on the above.

I have been given more information about the above photo. Rick Cleveland, who worked at Jordans the motor cycle shop in Storey street in Hull, reliably informs me that Mr. Walker was the foreman of the repair workshop. He later due to ill health moved into the spares department. John Thompson the section minutes secretary bought a dismantled 1926 Scott Super Squirrel from Mr Walker in the 1950s, a machine John still owns.


This is another one of Ian's photos and he includes the following thoughts:-

Here is a very early Hull registered motorbike and sidecar AT 6 , I wonder if anyone recognises the machine or the location , I think it looks like the car park area of Park Street College off Londesborough Street , which at that time I believe was an infirmary and close to Londesborough Street Barracks.

The next batch of photos is for those who did not manage to get to Stafford. Sent in by Richard Maw.


                                    (1)                                      (2)                                        (3)


(1).BMW 1953 R68. First BMW guaranteed to reach 100mph straight off the production line.

       (2). Bob Tait 750cc.triple racer. Three Starmaker engines coupled together.

              (3). Home made four cylinder engine using modified Triumph Terrier heads and cylinders fitted in a  Douglas Dragonfly frame.                

Betty and John Stathers have sent the following photos to share.

Some of our Morgan Adventure in Bavaria and the Eiffel region of Germany - this part was a Motorbike rally for a week in the area. John.

Left. A twin cylinder Yamaha with power valve and rear facing exhaust and carb mounted on the cylinder.

Right. Unknown bike. Single cylinder with rotary inlet valve and rear facing exhaust. This is said to seal the exhaust port better.



Bikes seen on the rally.

Some of the scenery.



Last but not least these photos are sent in by Les Dawson.

They were taken at the North York Moors Railway War Weekend.



I wonder how they got the Spitfire there?  Don't say they flew it there!










 I was passed this photo from a Sottish news paper by John Thompson.

Apparently all original and in excellent condition.



If you have  anything of interest,


pictures of bikes, holidays, happenings ,anything, please send them in.


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