Section Notes & News May 2019.   


April's Quiz Answer.



I received quite a few correct answers. I thought that I would. It is the adjusting spiral on a shifting spanner.






May's Quiz Question.



The above object is a domestic item and every body should have a set of these!

The question is what is it and what is it used for?

Good Luck.



  Last month I named this handsome gentleman as A.Barker, where it was really in fact S. Rowley in disguise.                                                               


  Also last month I identified this commercial vehicle as an Albion and asked what did Albion stand for. Well for your information it is an old name for Engand 







This Norton was spotted at Wickenby. The rear set gear change has been modified so that the swing of the kick starter does not foul it. The toe part of the lever is spring loaded/telescopic and can be pushed back out of the way when the kick starter is used. The foot rest is simply hinged. (Photos by Richard).

The following photos were all sent in by Richard.


Sold at the Bonhams' aucton at Stafford for £85,000

This Machine and rider won a gold medal at the I.S.D.T The rider was the American Bud Elkins. Totally original only 4000 careful miles.

197cc Greves road racer.

Norton frame and Brough 1000cc engine.




This French Dresch has a 250cc I.O.E engine with a three speed gear box.




1953 Suzuki 60cc. One of the first Suzukis that went into production.










Masashi Itō started Marusho in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1948 after being apprenticed with Soichiro Honda. The company produced shaft driven models like the Lilac, and showcased its technical prowess to the world in the Mount Asama Volcano Race, competing well against the likes of Honda, Meguro, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Company founder Masashi Itō died in 2005 at the age of 92.   (Photo by Richard.)





Fame at last. The sign above the door says "HARRYS HUT"







For Sale.


                   My e-mail is:-
 The bench is now a little more rusty, despite living in the garage for most
of it’s life. I’m asking for a beer, or £20, whichever is the greater. It comes without 
the paddock stands (or the Triumph). Ideal for lighter bikes, or long term
restorations. castors are, in some ways, better than Machine Mart benches, in 
that the bed/bench can be pushed into a corner with ease.  New owner responsible for getting it home. I live in west Hull.
    Dimensions are as follows:-  lower position 17”
                                                  higher position 32”
                                                  width 24”
                                                  length 70 1/2”
Anybody interested please e-mail me, first come, first serve.

                                      Regards,   Alan



The photo of the marker was sent in by Richard.


Been out on cycles with Carole today, saw this on side of road near to home, been on that road hundreds of times, just goes to show when in a car so much goes not noticed.

It is not easy to read the inscription so I have copied it out for you to read.


This stone erected by subscription to mark the place where     

Thomas Wagstaff,  John White and Sarah Binks

Were killed on the night of 17th January 1860 by a cart in which they were returning from Doncaster market being turned over into this dyke. Who can tell what a day will bring.

Wanted-- your photos, reports on projects you are working on, anything that might be of interest send it in please.


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