Section Notes & News January 2020.



Newark Show.


       These photos were taken by Richard at Newark show.

Two Sunbeams that have been greatly modified.
















More photos from Newark


More photos from Newark showing Mid Links Section Club Stand and some of the prizes they won.


 An Ivy 1922- Model 3- 350cc. Best Vetran.      1958 125cc Bianchi also a prize winner.


Also from Mid Lincs Section the winner of the unrestored class a 1934-500cc-SV- Gelera.











A successful day by the members of the Mid Lincs Section.


Well done to all that took part.



Nichola Clark an East Yorks member has asked "can anybody identify these bikes"?


The first bike in the first photo and the second bike in the second photo and the bike in the third and fourth photos are the same bike.

I think it might be a BSA. If you think differently then let me know.

It is difficult but have a go.



I wonder what c.c. the bike is, carrying a pillion passenger, a bed and I think there is a barrel of something strapped on the back luggage rack.

I wonder if they tried it sideways?




December's Quiz Answer.


This months question is what motor cycle is this engine from?

This was a difficult question. It is in fact a proto type engine for an Ariel Arrow. It never went into production but at 350cc it would have given a good performance.

It was however not the only four stoke engine that Ariel used. BSA who owned Ariel made a 696cc flat four cylinder engine.


 It had a single plate car like clutch and a synchromesh four speed gearbox from a Morris Minor. It also had shaft drive and fan assisted air cooling.

 It's a pity that this model was never made in any quantity. Some do survive in various Museums as seen in this photo.




January's Quiz Question.


  This object is of some age and hand made. It is used by a particular group or race of people who inhabit the far northern areas of the world.

What is it and what is it used for?





I have to say that I have used a few of these bolts from time to time.





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