Section Notes & News January 2021.




December's Quiz Answer.


No correct answers this month. There was a clue in the information when I mentioned that the object was the length of a hand.

The "blades" are inserted into the fingers of gloves. When the handles are squeezed together the "blades" move apart thus stretching the materials of the glove which allows the gloves to fit. Better luck with January's question.

The first question for the New Year.


This object is made of metal, possibly silver, it is hollow and has an opening at narrow front. There is a hinged flap at the top. It is about 100-120 mm. long.      What is it used for?


Many thanks to the people who responded to the photo that Nicola sent in of the East Yorks Section's birthday photo. There was a good proportion of members identified and if I have made any mistakes, I am not surprised but I hope you enjoyed looking at the photo.


We are still looking at points of interest that are located around the areas  that are in the vicinity of our run routes.


This time we are looking at some of the villages that we pass through on our runs. We do not always give them much thought. Some of them are very old and quite interesting. To get 2021 off to a good start I will be having a look at South Dalton.


A beautiful village right on our door step just a few miles from Beverley. It is largely owned by Lord Hotham. I am given to understand that at one time it had its own gas generating plant. The houses that belong to the estate all have blue painted doors. It also has a beautiful church dedicated to St.Mary It is a grade one listed building built in 1858-61.There are records of the Hotham family dating back to 1300. Perhaps the most notable member of the family was John Hotham who prevented King Charles1entering the city of Hull. This was due to to what would be classed now as a lack of communications. It is a well recorded event and is worth a read.


Some of the houses on the main street are very old. The photo on the right is one such house. A half timbered construction. Trees of any usable size were scarce hence the use of stone for the lower half. This method was used from the 10th centaury to the 18th. This lack of timber in this area also lead to the construction of mud houses. ( Note the blue door)



                            Do you know anything about South Dalton that might be of interest?  If so please send it in so that we can share it.

 The College Run

Well in the light of the response from the last picture quiz here's another one.

You lucky people. The above photo sent in by Allan Burnett shows the eight award winners who took part in the College Run of 1982. Can you name them? I have somehow managed to number them in a clearer manner so it should be a bit easier for you.


Allan also sent in what I think is a copy of a page from the VMCC journal.

I have split the page in two to make the text larger than the title part and easier to read.













Many thanks Allan. Allan also wishes every one "all the best" for the new year".



And just to complete the picture here is a list of all those who took part. The last two names are of two visiting Dutch riders.

Why was it called the College Run?



Well I thought that this photo would fox a few people and it would take a bit of time to remember all the names. I was wrong, I've been known to be wrong once before, I forget when it was. You have been very quick in supplying names. Pat Phelan (No.7) was the first and he has identified all but one (No.2). Well done that man. A good start to the New Year

(1)  Jim Dale. (2) ??? (3) Rick Cleveland. (4) and (5) The two Dutch riders. (6). Albert Burnett.

(7) Pat Phelan. (8). Dave Ferraby.

Pat sent this note along with his answers:-  The reason I am on the prize winner's picture is I had been awarded the "piston broke" trophy  I had bought a Velo GTP from someone in Cheltenham, he assured me it was in good running order, it was far from it. I spent a long time sorting out numerous problems and thought I had solved all the bodges. I entered it in this run confident it would be OK. I set off with son Michael on the pillion a couple of miles down the road back tyre went flat as the proverbial I  tried a can of Finilec just oozed out everywhere, we got a lift back to the start and retrieved the bike on my trailer, Got the bike home and decided a new tube was required, wheel out tyre off and there inside the tyre between the tyre wall and the inner tube was a tyre lever. I still have the lever in fact I still have the trophy probably the only one I ever won.

Look at the photo you can just see the trophy in Pat's hand.

A good result all round, all we need now is the name of the mystery rider No.2 and why was it called the Collage Run?

New years day 3:30

The latest update from Pete Freeman.No.2 is Gerald Parkin from the Wakefield Section.  Well done Pete that gives us a "full house.



January 19th.

Another up date from Pete Freeman. Pete has come up with why the run was called the "College Run". It was because the lunch stop was at The College Arms in Beilby. See photo below.

Well done that Man.







The next three photos have been sent in by Neil Lewis our area representative, based in the West Ridng.

They have all been taken in Hull. The first one is of a gathering of motor cyclists who I assume  belong to a club otherwise how would they now when and where to meet. The venue is the Boer War memorial at the Anlaby road end of Ferensway. There is just the one memorial because W.W.One has not yet taken place, so that helps us date approximately the time of the photo as being after, the end of the Boer War which is 1902. However it could be after the end of the W.W. 1 1918 and the memorial has not been built yet. Either way it give us an idea.



These two photos were taken at the same place and and within the same time period. The backgrounds are the same and in the second photo the nose and the front wheel of the bike and side car can just be seen. The building behind the solo bike has a sign that can be just read as the Royal Hotel. Does anyone where it was? The bike is a Sparkbrook.





Have you any ideas for runs /start venues for 2021 or want to help.

Contact Glen 01430 422667  or Harry 01482 862209


If you have any photos of projects you have on the go at the moment why not send in a photo or two. Anything you might think would be of interest. Use the email link below.



If you click on the coloured text on the home page a map of how to get to the Tiger Inn, Beverley, will come up so we will look forward to welcoming you at club meetings.