Section Notes & News October 2021.


September's Quiz Answer.                

The question was simply what are these hand tools.

The answer is they are wood shavers. The are used for finishing the profiles of wooden beadings erc.They come in different shapes the triangular shape being the most popular. There is a coma shaped one that can be used for rounded surfaces. A common use of these tools was to scrape old paint of skirting boards, window frames etc after the paint had been softened with a blow lamp or chemical stripper. There were a couple of correct answers. Well done those people.

October's Quiz Question.

This is a real gun that fires and not an advertising sign for a gun smiths shop. What type of gun is it and what is it used for.





 I recon Harley Davidson bikes have been used for most things over the years. A mobile jail is one I would never thought of. It must be a bit of a pig to control and if the "passenger" didn't keep still it would stand a good chance of tipping over.

I have been behind a prison van stopped at traffic lights and it started to rock from side to side as the occupants moved from side to side in unison. The drive countered this by setting of quickly and then stopping equally as fast.

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