Section Notes & News September 2018.






August's Quiz Answer.


 The object on the left proved difficult to identify but it is an early inflatable life belt. It was on display in the Liverpool Nautical Museum. I think similar ones were used on the Titanic. No body came up with the correct answer. So better luck with this months object.





September's object is also from the Liverpool Nautical Museum, and once again quite simply what is it? First correct answer receives a free entry to one of our runs. Have a go you never know you might be right!






Richard sent in this photo of a prototype Kawasaki



I wonder why it never made it into production. Interesting to know what the firing order would be.



Recently I read the book shown on the left it was very interesting in general and it also had some local connections. It mentioned a local speedway rider a Mr Horatio Nelson Camsell. He rode for the Hull Angels and was known as "Nippy". This is of course before the team was called The Vikings. In his spare time he designed and built his own aircraft at home using a Douglas speedway engine. He worked at Martins and Sons Ltd, who produced Punch tobacco, maintaining the machinery. He built the aircraft in his garage.

 The fuselage was positioned diagonally and the wings filled the rest of the space. The side panel of the garage was removed to get every thing out. The engine is said to develop some 20 hp.and should give a cruising speed of 60 mph. All his work had been inspected and the verdict was that it would fly. Mr Camsell was taking flying lessons at Hedon airfield. Elsewhere in other journals and reports it's recorded  the plane did fly well.  With more research and time it should be possible to find more information about the man and his flying machine.  He lived down National avenue.                                                         




An interesting machine. You could call it a twin twin. I wonder what the firing order on this one would be. Notice the rear cylinder head is reversed, so one carburettor could feed all four cylinders. I wonder what else has been done to the engines?

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