Section Notes & News July 2017.



June's Quiz Answer.

The answer to June's quiz was an Hydrometer. They are used for measuring the specific gravity or density of liquids. This particular example is a scientific instrument. The instrument is placed in the liquid and allowed to float. It finds its level in the liquid. The level is then read on the scale on the stem. This figure is said to be the specific gravity of that liquid. The "c" shapes are weights to be added below the bulb and are used when the liquid is quite dense such as oil. Pure water has a value of 1 and all liquids are compared to this value. Alcohol will be less than 1 and oil greater than 1. I received one correct answer from Richard Mason. Well done that man.

A motorcyclist will have come across an hydrometer if they have ever tested the "strength" of the acid in the bikes battery.

The diagram on the left shows how an hydrometer is used to carry out such a test. Because the battery acid is corrosive, a special design of hydrometer is used. By squeezing and releasing the rubber bulb the acid is drawn up. The float then finds its level and the reading taken.

A reading of 1:28 to 1:30 shows that the battery is fully charged.

A reading of 1:15 shows that the battery is discharged. This reading is nearer to that of water showing the battery acid concentration cannot be effective.

Recharging the battery will  restore the strength of the acid. It does this by splitting the water into Oxygen and Hydrogen called electrolysis.  These gases are given of as bubbles.

It must be remembered that hydrogen is highly inflammable so avoid any sparks when charging the battery. (End of lecture)



I found this picture of an hydrometer.

It is a fairly early one.

It is made from rubber and glass, a more modern one would be plastic.



July's Quiz Question.


This months question is once again simply what is the object on the left called and what is it used for?

It is a tool that is still used today and new ones can still be bought. It is used by skilled workers in conjunction with another tool. Though this tool is a commercial one, other smaller tools of a different shape are used in the home but are often made of metal

Answers via the usual channels.

Please send in anything that might be of interest.

Harry' Page.   


July's Club Meeting.

Members reported on past events. Scarborough was a well attended event with rain only on the last two days. The chairman reminded members of forth coming events. The chairman also informed the meeting that he would not be seeking re-election at the section's AGM. Dennis Cooney thanked members for the support shown by the section at Mavis's recent funeral.


Two Old French Motor Cycles.



Both machines do not have any brakes.

The trike has a twin cylinder engine. Each cylinder has a bore of 139mm and a stroke of 165 mm. This makes the total capacity about 1600cc.

There is no gearbox and the rear wheels are coupled direct to the crankshaft. One turn of the crankshaft is one turn of the wheel.

 I don't think I would like to ride either of the machines.


  This photo sent in by Richard showing the layout of the controls of a Triumph motor cycle carries different labels to those that the factory put on them.

On a more serious note compare the two diagrams.

  The early riders had a lot of controls to fiddle with.  The horn , oil drip feed sight glass and regulator, steering damper, front fork damper, and acetylene gas generator controls all are not shown but neede the riders attention. It is a wonder that the rider had time to look where he was going.  Not all machines had the controls arranged in a standard form. This made it more difficult if a different machine was ridden.

How ever there was not the traffic to contend with.


I have just received the following words and pictures from Harry Ogelsby.

 Some photos from the Vintage Revival at Montlhery, France, all pre 1930 bikes and cars on the circuit.  I managed twenty laps on my 1927 flat tank Velo.   I also took my 1930 GTP on which John Mundey did  five laps. We didn't break any records but it's a first for a GTP Velo. Perhaps the rider is too heavy?


                               (1).  GTP at speed.                             (2). Harry with bikes.                         (3) Harry's two Velos.

                                                                            Note the banked track in the background.

If you enter -Vintage Revival Montlhery- into Google there are some very good short videos showing   the wonderful machinery at the meeting. Well worth a look.


Mid Lincs meet the Vintage Sports Car Club.

Richard sent in these photos of bikes that attended at this meeting at Dunston just outside Lincoln.


The first two photos are of a "Shackleford" special. The frame and tank look to be of Sunbeam origin, the engine is a V twin but of what make it is not possible for me to say. It has coil ignition and twin carbs which are fed from one SU float chamber. The gearbox appears to be a foot change box with a hand operated change lever on the tank which will give a sequential gear change. The clutch looks to be a Sturmey Archer or Norton item. A very nice machine. The third photo shows a Big Port AJS.

Founders Day.

Richard has sent in the following photos of interesting bikes.

 This is a 1939 Deluxe Panther with twin headlights. If you look carefully the bike has two twist grips. The left one moves the left hand head light from side to side.










 This light weight machine on the right is interesting. It has a spring loaded jockey wheel keeping the belt correctly tensioned and guiding the belt around the frame. Which makes me think it is a pedal bike frame that has been adapted. It looks to have a back peddling rear brake.

  Coming Events.


Goathland Camping weekend.

28th-30th July.

All members including family and friends invited!! BBQ ON THE SATURDAY night as usual and optional fancy dress!! singing round the camp fire!!  rough guide on numbers always helps the ordering of jacket potatoes and BBQ stuff! if anyone wants to give my dad Chris a call on 01377 255498 with rough numbers that would  be great!!


The ELERBY SHOW. 13th August

Ellerby and District Show

At the Allotment field behind the Railway Inn, New Ellerby

Sunday 13th August 2017

1pm to 4pm

Produce Show, Crafts Show, Homemade Cakes and Preserves Show

Afternoon Events Timings

1.15pm Homemade Fancy Dress

1.15pm Sketching Competition

2.15pm Fun Dog Show

3.15pm Tug of War

Welly Throwing Competition throughout afternoon

Vintage Vehicles on show throughout afternoon

Refreshments available

Site access is via the station yard car park next to the Railway Inn, vehicles requiring access to the show field should go to the south  west end of the car park, through the vehicle gate, which will be open on this day, onto the Hornsea Rail Trail then after 60 yards turn left into the field entrance.

Caution should be exercised whilst on the Rail Trail, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have precedence.


City of Hull Boxing Club

Stolen Bike

If you have  anything of interest,

pictures of bikes, holidays, happenings ,anything, please send them in.


Click on the sign to contact me by email.


If you click on the coloured text on the home page a map of how to get to the Tiger Inn, Beverley, will come up so we will look forward to welcoming you to club meetings.