Section Notes & News May 2018.


A couple of cartoons.


Aprils Quiz Answer.


I had one correct answer for this question. It came from Brian who correctly identified it as a battery lifter or carrier. He wins a free entry for our next run. Well done that man.

The way in which it operates is quite simple. The legs are placed on the outside of the battery case and the flexible strap connecting the two legs is pulled upwards which causes the two legs to close together and grip the sides of the battery. On large batteries two of these clamps would be used  so that the battery would be stable when lifted.


May's Quiz Question.

I am fairly confident that someone will know what this object is. It is made of Lignum Vitea and is about a foot long. It is smooth and has a good polish on its surface. What is it called and what is it used for?


May's Club Meeting.

A report to follow.

Harry's Page.  

 Mid Lincs Pre 40s Run.

Thirty two lucky people signed on for this years Pre 40ís Run, starting again from Sturgate Airfield just outside Gainsbourgh. It was a glorious morning already only to get better as the day went on.

The route set off through Upton towards Sturton and then to Saxilby before crossing the A57 to Broadholme, Harby, Eagle & Swinethorpe.
Following the road through Thorpe on the Hill, Haddington and Auborne towards Harmston. After crossing the main Sleaford road the route circled the North side of Lincoln past Dunston, Norton & Bracebridge Heath before turning into the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) for lunch where a pre arranged tour had been booked.


Three photos of a triumph 6T. Built for sidecar work. Gear primary drive so engine runs "backwards".


                                                     Model G.                                              At the Museum.


The IBCC is a newly opened centre to commemorate those 58000 from bomber command lost during WW2, it is well worth a visit for anyone with wartime interests.
There are a vast assortment of displays inside plus interactive shows with lighting effects. The outside monument is the height of a Lancasterís wingspan and the names of all those lost during the conflict are etched on boards circling around it.

Two AJS.Like beds one, single one twin.    Early Rover.              16H Longest produce model.

                     First run out.           The view across to the Cathederal.             Raleigh.



A short route back took us down Cannock Hill skirting Lincoln, passing under an arch before seeing the Cathedral at close quarters, we headed out towards Scampton riding along the escarpment for several miles where it was so clear Cottam and West Burton power stations could be easily seen in the far distance before turning towards Kexby then back into Upton to the airfield starting point.
A day enjoyed by all I am sure.

       Thanks to Stewart for his efforts, even arranging the weather.


                                 Another grand day out in North East Lincolnshire.



This photo was sent in by Richard. It is of a Minneapolis model N Tri Car.

The four Michaleson brothers made these bikes around 1912.

I looked up the make on the net and it came up with the following information and pictures.

This model is as you can see a "V" twin where as the Tri Car was a single cylinder.

Joe Michaelson at a race meeting. There appears to be no brakes and look at the gearing.

This photo shows a design for

rear springing. Quite a sophisticated

set up for 1900s.


The following photos are yet more from Richard this time from Stafford Show.

I will let the notices speak for themselves.





Many thanks Richard.



How's this for a twist grip. It looks like a one off special. I suppose somewhere inside the inner workings there is a return spring.

The gears are a bit exposed and I would think that there is a danger of getting a glove trapped in them. Perhaps a disc slid over the end of the handlebar and held in place by the rubber grip would prevent that happening. The cable seems to join the drum at "top dead centre"-this will lift the throttle slide slowly at first but further rotation will give a greater rate of lift to the throttle slide. All in all a clever device.


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