Section Notes & News January 2019.   


January's Quiz Question.



  This month's question has a very strong Yorkshire connection. What you can see in the photo is the technical part of an old Yorkshire game. What is not shown is that piece of equipment that is used with the above. This is because each participant would have his own. I say his because I have never heard of women taking part in the game.

I can describe it as being a slender wooden rod of about four feet in length with a handle grip at one end and a paddle shaped piece of wood attached rigidly to the opposite end, this being about two inches wide and about six inches long. The question is what is the game called and what type of terrain was it played on?   Be quick I am sure I will have a lot of answers


December's Quiz Answer.



The first correct answer out of the bag but only by a hour or so came from Richard of Mid lincs Section. Well done that man.

It is of course a flexible saw. The "eyes" would have wooden handles inserted in them and it could be used by one or two people. The type of teeth show that it is designed for cutting green unseasoned wood such as trees. It is of German military origin. Surgeons use a similar design, but of course much smaller, for cutting bone.




Mid Lincs Boxing Day Run.


Some thirty bikes both old and new plus a couple of nice classic cars turned up at Market Rasen this morning for the start of this year's Boxing Day Run. Only nine signed on, others electing to take the direct and shorter route to the Skipworth Arms at Moortown. 
Our thanks again to the Skipworth staff for their hospitality, at least it was dry and not too cold even if the roads were damp and sweating. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members, here’s to seeing you again next year. The first ride out being The Bluestone Heath Run starting from Horncastle Cattle Market on 7th April,     hope to see you there. 

(Words and Photos by Richard.)



Betty and John Stathers sent in the following photos. They were taken a few years ago whilst taking part in a rally in Mosel and Butz area of Germany.


The red Morgan is Mick Baraclough's           OHC BMW                 What make is this one?

John and Betty send their best wishes for the new year.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all as always I am not sending  cards but sending a donation to Pancreatic Cancer Uk 

Brian,Karl,Rachel and the late Sandra




Brian sent this photo in. The bike and sidecar, I am informed, is a police patrol machine one of four that were in use. RH is of course a Hull registration. The two gentle men on the right are taking off their hats and waving them. I wonder if it was someone of importance travelling in the car that is passing by and the police were keeping the route clear? Who knows?



Mid Links Section at Newark.

Richard has sent in the following photos of Mid Links Section's Stall at the Newark show.

      Dick won an award for his Triumph.     The  Mid Lincs Stall.           Early Norton.


            A Dollar - French lightweight.      Another prize winner .      Bianchi - Italian lightweight.

Photos by Richard.


Coming Events.




1927 Sunbeam Model 9  £6 - 8,000




                 Two machines featured in the sale.


 1930 Velocette KTP  £5 - 7,000






Andy Spicer of DAH auctions in Driffield has been asked to auction the life time collection of Mike Hanson. Unfortunately he has succumbed to dementia and has been admitted to a care home. It is a salient reminder to all of us that we are only custodians of the machines that we treasure and enjoy so we should leave them in a better state than we found them in. In this case it is sad to say that most of the vast collection of motorcycles that date from the dawn of riding until WWII have been stripped to their basic parts with no labels to assist with the cataloguing and identification.

The complete machines range from a 1930 Velocette KTP, a 1927 Sunbeam Model 9, a 1930 Triumph Model X, and a 1934 Indian Sport Scout. Projects include a Rudge Special and a Norton CS1. Of more interest though are the Pioneer spares which range from a c.1903/4 Rover engine, a c.1904 Whitley engine (only the second known example), a c.1909 Fafnir engine, a 1921 Matchless Model H engine and partial frame, several Rover engines and frame parts. There are a large quantity of early carbs, magnetos, gauges, mudguards, wheels and gearboxes.

They will be sold, without reserve, on the 2nd March, at Sledmere House in East Yorkshire.

Other entries include a matching numbers and two owner BSA Gold Star DBD34, £15,000/20,000, a 1912 Rover 3.5 hp, £8,000/12,000 and a 1938 OK Supreme 350 c at £6,000/8,000.

For further information please contact Andy Spicer on 01377 253151 or



If you have  anything of interest, pictures of bikes, holidays,

 happenings ,anything, please send them in.



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