Section Notes & News November 2018.


October's Quiz Answer..

Quite a few correct answers this month. The first one was Pete Freeman who correctly identified these objects as being things that are put into ships life boats. From left to right the objects are ,a fishing line with float, a water proof red light with whistle, a second fishing line with a lure, and a knife, note the large wooden handle to make it float and length of line to fasten it to the hand for easy retrieval if dropped in the water. The ships biscuit, some times called Hard Tack remained in use in the Royal Navy for a long time.  Well done everybody that had a go.

November's Quiz Question (1)


This months question is what type of hammer is this. It is 250 mm. in length.  The ball shape falls comfortably into the palm of the hand.

It is used mainly in conjunction with other tools, punches, to produce a certain type of metal art work which gives the hammer its name. Have ago.


                                November's Quiz Question (2).

It's two for the price of one this month, looking at the pub sign, can you say what the name of the pub is?


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The Dee Atkinson & Harrison Auction.

The auction at Sledmere was well attended but I left before the sale started so when I find out how the budding went I will add to this report. There were some interesting lots. I took photos of the ones that caught my attention.

An early Fairfield with 3 speed rear hub. Note the 3 filler caps on the tank. Oil, petrol and paraffin.


                                            Lightweight Ariel.           A well prepared  Douglas.



Happy Halloween.



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