Section Notes & News May 2020.



May's Quiz Answers.

This months question has been sent in by Brian.

Can you name the cars that use these rear lights was the question. The answers are not in written words but a fuller view of the car.















(1).Humber Snipe. (2).  Ford 105E Anglia. (3). Triumph Hearald.   (4). TVR.

(5). Vauxhall.  ).  (6). Mini.  (7).Rover 90.  (8).Sunbeam.

I had one correct answer from Dick Booth - Mid Links Section.

Well done that man.



June's Quiz Question.

This months object is from the Victorian era .

The "eye" at the top usually has a chatelaine attached to it.

If you look this word up in the dictionary it will give you a clue.

However the explanation of the word does not fit exactly the

use of this object.

They are "collectable" and can be expensive.




Because there is not much news at the moment I have included an extra quiz question.

(You lucky people.)



 What is this object?

 What does it do?








When planning routes for runs I have often wondered how places were given their names.

For example Frodingham- the settlement of Froda's people. Rise in Holderness - It was known as

Hiris which meant brushwood and as you can see its a short step to drop the H and it become Rise.



Dick has sent me the following photos. At the moment I am being supplied interesting photos from both the Mid Lincs Section and the AJS/Matchless Club, keep up the good  work. In this time of no meetings or events things to post on the web are at a premium.

On the left is a 1954 Suzuki Diamond Free. An unusual name. it is beautifully restored. It has 58cc two stroke engine with a two speed gear box. It has sprung forks at the front the pedals are also the footrests. Later models moved the petrol tank from the side of the rear mudguard to over the crossbar. Telescopic forks were also fitted giving a better ride.


.The second photo is of a early sprung wheel. There have been all sorts of different ideas for providing a bit of comfort for the rider. Some of them very complicated most of them not very successful.  This one looks very elegant but I do wonder if it is capable of dealing with side thrust when cornering. The most produced one was the Triumph rear sprung hub. It was fairly bulky and had no damping which on a rippling road surface could cause problems.



If you have any photos of projects you have on the go at the moment why not send in a photo or two. Anything you might think would be of interest. Use the email link below.



If you click on the coloured text on the home page a map of how to get to the Tiger Inn, Beverley, will come up so we will look forward to welcoming you at club meetings.