Section Notes & News June 2017.

May's Quiz Answer.

The question is - what is the object called and what is it used for?

The object is a parallel rule. It is used for drawing lines on maps, particular  when plotting a heading or compass direction on an Admiralty chart. In general drawing the parallel rule was an alternative to the "T" square but it never became popular in this context an the "T" square is the preferred instrument.

June's Quiz.

This months object is made of brass and is a well made object. This particular example has been removed from the wooden box that it is normally kept in.

The question is what is called and what is it used for.

Answers please via the usual channels.

Good luck.

Harry' Page.   

I recently received this photo from Ian Cooney.

It shows Albert Miles riding an early Rudge , he is tackling a "riding test" at an event held at Hornsea. The arrows on the road show the rider which way the course goes. Albert of course was a member of the family that owned Miles Motor cycles on Anlaby road.

It looks a well organised events with plenty of spectators.


I came across this photo of a kart that was built at a time when after school clubs were very active. Bransholme High School  had a thriving Kart Racing Club. It ran five karts in two different classes, and competed nationally at various events organised by the national Schools Karting Association. There were events against local and county teams as well. This particular kart was built for a "Build a Kart Competition" sponsored by Castrol at Donnington Park. It was mainly built from aluminium and had two Honda Graduate moped engines directly driving the rear axle.



These two frames were found just recently. Sadly about twenty years too late.

There will be things still to be found so keep your eyes and ears open you never know.





Richard sent me this photo of  a Jawa.(right).  Looks a very nice machine a two stroke I think of a fairly large capacity of late 1940-50.  It has an exhaust tail pipe that is of a unusual shape.



Richard also sent this photo (left) of an early Henderson. Note the two seats and the front foot rests. Steering would be a bit tricky from the front sea. Your legs would get in the way of the wheel turning. The large side spats to the front fender, (an American word for a mudguard,) would stop the riders trousers getting in the spokes. They would have an okerd (that's a Yorkshire for awkward) reach behind them to grasp the handle bars and of course would not be able to reach the two pedals in front of the engine.  So Dr. Watson I deduce that the rear seat is for the driver and the passenger sits in front as a sort of "air bag" for the rider.

Thoo larns summat every day.

I found the photo the this photo (right) of a Henderson of a similar period but this time with a more conventional seating arrangement. It does have a substantial sub frame to support the pillion seat and a extra pair of handle bars mounted behind the drivers seat. I have seen this arrangement on a Moto Guzzi milatary machine.


June's Club Meeting.

The meeting started promptly at 8o'clock. Tony Dean a new member was welcomed to the meeting.

A minutes silence was observed in remembrance of David Earnshaw and Mavis Cooney.

The chairman drew members attention to an article in the VMCC journal about the new chairman's wish to introduce the buying and selling motor cycles as a business venture for the VMCC. Also it was recorded in the journal that our area now had a representative - Tony Cowley.

Run reports were made on the Summer Saunter by Alan Frankish. A successful, enjoyable event that was well supported. The chairman made a report on the Betty Fisher run which was yet another good event.

There being no other business the raffle was drawn and the meeting closed. The chairman then showed a number of slides.



Last month I mention about getting rid of waste oil.

This week please be careful about using welding equipment etc.

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your work shop?



In praise of the NHS

Just a little spiel praising the NHS. Thank you to our excellent National Health Service. Yes! it gets a lot of bad publicity on the radio, television and in the press. But, I and many other people can only sing its praises.
 This is the story of Brian and his argument with a car. Thank you to our excellent NHS for the care and attention received by our friend Brian Thompson. Brian an active member of the Matchless Owners Club. In fact he is the esteemed chairman of the East Yorkshire section. Brian on his Suzuki was travelling along the B1248 between Beverley and Wetwang going for his Friday morning ritual at
the 'Teapot Café' Fimber.
Leaving Beverley and at the Cherry Burton cross road he had an argument with a motorcar.Needless to say he cameo ff his pride and joy, bending it somewhat.
A short time later he was heading back to Hull and the Hull Royal Infirmary, with compliments of the ambulance service.

. Brian spent six days on full board in ward12. Now, ward 12  is getting to the top of this extremely high building. His window had a panoramic view over Hessle road, across the River Humber into Lincolnshire and the Lincolnshire Wolds beyond.
Spending the week in ward 12, having a broken pelvis attended to. What more could one want ? Pleasant nurses and his binoculars to savoir the view. Now we all know that he is a connoisseur of good food, six days of being fed by his nurses with an excellent variety
good quality food. Its a pity Brian that they were fully booke for you to have a further week with them. I can only reiterate Brian and his families confidence with his treatment under the NHS.

 Why am I so confident that our hospitals are so good ? I spend many hours at
the Queen's Centre's Haematology and Oncology day care clinic. Also one of my interests is that I am involved with a group that  inspects
both HRI and Castle Hill. The wards are always clean. We on occasions have to sample the food,  which I have always found to be of an
excellent quality and served at the correct temperature. We get the opportunity to speak to patients, who always speak highly of the attention that they receive. On the day that Glen Bradley and I visited Brian, no lesser person than the National President of the AJS
and Matchless Owners Club Mrs Janet Burger was also visiting. A nice gesture from the National President. 



Mystery Machine.

This machine was seen at the June Selby rally and reputed to be 1914.

As far as I can see 1914 looks about right for age

and the Guildford registration is right for that year

Does anybody have any idea? If you recognise the machine please get in touch via the email link on the swinging signpost at the bottom of this page.

We would love to know.



Coming Events.


The ELERBY SHOW. 13th August

Ellerby and District Show

At the Allotment field behind the Railway Inn, New Ellerby

Sunday 13th August 2017

1pm to 4pm

Produce Show, Crafts Show, Homemade Cakes and Preserves Show

Afternoon Events Timings

1.15pm Homemade Fancy Dress

1.15pm Sketching Competition

2.15pm Fun Dog Show

3.15pm Tug of War

Welly Throwing Competition throughout afternoon

Vintage Vehicles on show throughout afternoon

Refreshments available

Site access is via the station yard car park next to the Railway Inn, vehicles requiring access to the show field should go to the south  west end of the car park, through the vehicle gate, which will be open on this day, onto the Hornsea Rail Trail then after 60 yards turn left into the field entrance.

Caution should be exercised whilst on the Rail Trail, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have precedence.

Mid Lincs VMCC midweek Day Run


A 90 ish mile daytime meander around the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire countryside starting from Caenby Corner cafe at the junction of the A15 & A631 outside Lincoln, postcode LN8 2AR.


Meet on Wednesday 12 July at 10am for a 10.30 start taking in scenic roads, calling for lunch mid route at the Markham Moor Truck Stop just off the A1, postcode DN22 0QU, all welcome. 


contact Richard Maw 01427872247


Car & Bike Show

Cottingham Memorial Hall

Saturday 15th July

P.Fenwick 07778312134


Driffield Cricket Club

A request to put your bikes on show to help the club funds,

July 2nd.

From 12:30pm.

At Kings Mill Road Driffield YO25 6TT.

Contact Mark 07936500972 or Sarah 07763398610


Stolen Bike


If you have  anything of interest,

pictures of bikes, holidays, happenings ,anything, please send them in.


Click on the sign to contact me by email.


If you click on the coloured text on the home page a map of how to get to the Tiger Inn, Beverley, will come up so we will look forward to welcoming you to club meetings.