Section Notes & News July 2018.


June's Quiz Answer.


                            Closed.                                                                                               Open.



 I think that it is amazing how much     this ladder increases in size.

          An excellent design.


I had a few questions about this object but no correct answers I am afraid, so no cigar.






 August's Quiz Question.


This months question has been sent in by John Stather.

It is a motor cycle related object and though it is designed for a particular make of machine many manufacturers produce similar objects.  It designed for use on two stroke engines in the main but could well be used for machines with side valve engines. What is it?

The first photo gives a general view. The second is with the protective cover unscrewed to show the articulated mechanism. The third shows a scale along which a pointer moves. The graduations are not given a value but could be given in two different units. Best of luck . The first correct answer wins a free entry to on of the Section runs.



This photo was posted last month and you were asked to see if you could spot the modifications. The picture is small but with scrutiny some can be seen.  I will list as many as I managed to see.

Electric start.  Conical hubs. Alloy wheels. Hell-toe gear lever. Rubber mounted silencers. Oil filter mounted above gearbox. Flashers. Extra riding light below the head lamp.

A very smart machine.



Harry's Page.  

Two more photos from South Leverton bike night.

                              A couple of "V" twins.                     


Y.T.C.C. at Beverley.

                     Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Fund raiser.         VW with new clothes.

Scarborough week.

Thursday saw Scarborough week visit Fort Paull in Holderness.

Arriving at Fort Paull.

A sample of the bikes


                             Brian Thompson sent in the following photos below.


                              The Thompsons.           Gathering in the shade.                       A few of the bikes.


                              The top table.                             Bliss.         If you go down to the woods today.

Wonderful weather, good companions what more could you ask.


These two photos were sent in by Richard.




 This photo of a much modified BSA was sent in by Richard.

It looks a well engineered piece of work with the heads and cylinders either from another engine or home built .Is it a triple?

I wonder what performance all the mods give.


The above Peugeot was seen at yet another bike night at Leverton.

I think maybe ethonol petrol has brought the paint off.


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  Coming Events.


East Yorkshire section annual camping weekend... Abbot's farm, goathland! Home of the famous heartbeat series! Steam trains passing by the hour! Famous race to the hillside to wave the passing travellers past!! Saturday night bbq all welcome and of course the clubs hot potato machine Alongside the bbq!! Welcome all sections and of course bring the family and dogs the more the merrier!! Contact Chris Edmond 01377 255498 to ensure plenty of bbq food!! Love to see new and old faces!! Fancy dress if you dare!! Camp fire and possible sing songs!! No experience necessary ha ha!! See you there!! 

Regards Nikki and co!!


















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 happenings ,anything, please send them in.



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