Section Notes & News March 2018.



February's Quiz Answer.



  I received a correct answer for this object very quickly. It is a crumb sweeper as used in restaurants to clean the table cloth between courses.

It reminds me of those long handle "Ewbank" carpet sweepers we had at home.

Here are two more crumb sweepers. Both a little more up market.





March's Quiz Question.

The object this month is again from the Doncaster Museum and sent in by Les.

As you can see this month's object is not a single item but a kit of parts.

It is a domestic object that when closed up hangs on a nail in  the wall.

Smaller versions, for ease of transportation, were used by hunters etc.

A mummified man found in the Alps near the Austrian and Italian borders, who was four thousand years old, had as part of his equipment, a container the contents of which are shown in the small picture on the left. Some of the objects have resemblance to the objects in the quiz.

The question is what is used for and what is it called?



Harry's Page.   

Pioneer Run

I have just received these photo and email from Nicola Clarke. It looks as though Nikki and her sister Marie have had a bit of an adventure at the Pioneer Run. Mainly down to the bad weather. Nikki reports that it was "snow joke" - looking at the photos taken from their backup van - near Epson the roads were very tricky.




As you could imagine there were a considerable number of non starters     including members from the East Yorks Section and the number of machines on show at the sea front was very much reduced.

The start was transferred to the "tea stop" point at Handcross where the snow was a bit clearer. This was done for safety reasons. The roads were still a bit slippery.

Marie and Nichola at the finish having completed the Pioneer Run despite snow and amber weather warnings!!"


             Well done to them both. An event to remember.



Alan Proudlove passed me this photo at the last Club meeting. Can you name any of the people, where was it taken, do you know when it was taken? There are seventeen people how many names can you come up with. Can you name any of the bikes?


Please send in the names of any people you recognise.


Up date.

The following riders in the above photo have been identified:-  (2). J. Thompson.  (3). A.Miles.

(4).D. Earnshaw. (10). H.Fenby.   (9). Ray Stubley.  Pete Freeman has identified No.9.      Can you name any more? Send them in if you can.

2nd Update

I have been told that the venue is (10) Harry Fenby's yard. He was a fruit merchant who had a business in Hessle - notice the stack of empty fruit boxes on the far right. Harry was a keen collector of vintage scooters. There are three in the photo.


March's Club Meeting.

Not a well attended meeting just 8 members!!! We have been asked to us the smaller back room because the ladies poetry group need more room and they use the room more frequently than we do. So April's meeting will be in the back room. Same old story use it or loose it.

The recent auction at Sledmere was discussed.

 The Secretary read out a sample of the emails that had been sent between HQ and "Concerned " members but no real conclusions were arrived at. No doubt the AGM will shed more light.

The meeting closed.




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