Section Notes & News January 2018.



December's Quiz Answer.


This game was called Nine Men Morris. Each player had nine counters which they placed on the grid in turn and the aim was, like noughts and cross, to get three in a row. If you managed this you could remove any piece of your opponent's. The game was over when a player was down to his last two men.


January's Quiz Question.


On the right are two models of the same thing. The first is constructed in the style of the original and the second in a more modern style and it shows more clearly the gear mechanisms.

The original one was made in the fifth centaury B.C.

What is it? 



January's Club Meeting.

The meeting started promptly at eight o'clock.  The chairman stated that the Christmas dinner had been an enjoyable event. It was suggested that a bigger venue was required.

The calendar of events for 2018 was distributed. This was produced at no cost to the Section.

A  possibility of a recruiting event was discussed and it was agreed that such an event should be organised.

There being no other business the meeting was closed.


Harry's Page.  

Mid Lincs Boxing Day Run.

The Boxing Day Run started from the market place in Market Rasen. There was a good turnout and riders were blessed with good weather, bright but cold. Richard has sent the following photos with more to follow.

               Market place in bright sun.            A rare Norton.               New lock on a New Imp.

                Fanny B with Norton forks.     Not many of these left.     The red one belongs to Santa.


A short run to the Skipworth Arms for chips glorious chips.


Many thanks to all who organised and rode the event.


Newark Show.

The Mid Lincs Section visited the Newark show where they had a stand promoting their Section. Richard sent in the following photos.

                        The Stand.                        1928 Terrot.                           Ariel Trials.


             Made from 8 different makes.                Velocette.                              Gilera


Some very excellent machines.



Richard also sent in this photo of a Harper three wheeler car. It's not easy to see in the photo but there appears to be two gear levers just behind the engine which suggests may be a reverse gear as well as more than one forward gear. The third lever pointing slightly forward is a decompress or. It does not have easy access for the passenger or driver, who sat back to back, so not an invalid carriage. Could it be a golf cart?


Harper company made a lot of money making shells and ordinance for the government during the first world war. It was connected to other car manufacturers including the Bean company and Guy commercial vehicles. An interesting vehicle.


Shown here is a 1954 125cc four stroke Motorbecane. This French company are perhaps more remembered for the Mobylette 50cc moped of which they sold 14 million. The company was founded in 1923 and made many different machines including  a light weight two-seater car and Grand Prix racing bikes. The company are still producing bikes today.

Spout Hill.

 I have been sent the following photos by Ian Cooney.

The first is of three motorcycles and a Morgan at the bottom of Spout Hill in Brantingham , looks like the early 1920s from the bikes and Morgan and the style of dress . The registration number on the Morgan is plain to see.

Spout Hill is as you can see from the diagram above is under two miles long. It has an average gradient of 10% and a maximum of 14% in some places. So in 1920 it would be a test for most vehicles.

             Flagged away from start.      Weighing the machines.      Lady competitor about to finish.


On the left is a result sheet for a meeting held in 1907 at Spout Hill, Brantingham. It shows a good range of classes and a good range of machines. Captain J.H.Foster the winner of class 3 (Twins) was a the main founder of the club. Spout Hill was used frequently over the years.


                                             Just to finish off a couple of photos showing the hill as it is today.


Many thanks to Ian for the photos.


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