Section Notes & News August 2020.



July's Quiz Answer.


The July's question was what are they and what are they used for.

The short answer is that they are "mouth blow lamps"

                  In the main cylindrical chamber is a large wick which is soaked in mentholated spirits. It has a screw cap to make the cylinder air tight.

To operate the blow torch the cap is unscrewed and the wick lit. Then using the rubber pipe and mouth piece air is blown into the flame and then when the metal blow pipe attached is adjusted for its best position a much hotter more concentrated flame is produced, as shown in the first photo. The second photo shows a jeweller using the mouth piece, sorry but I couldn't find a better picture of the flame ,but I am sure you get the idea.


 I didn't get any response from this, may be this month's question will do better?


August's Quiz Question.

 This month's question is - What are these used for?

I am surprised that these are still available in this modern age.

I could never use them properly may be because the quality was not very good.

Have a go what are they?






These photos were sent in by Les.


The machine is a 1913 Sun. This is an early machine for a Sun as they did not make motor cycles until 1911. I have never seen one with  a four stroke engine. This model has a 500cc Precision engine with a Sturmey Archer three speed hub. A Bosch magneto is fitted, knee pads and a nice sprung saddle.

   It has a hand cranking starting mechanism shown in the left photo. The starting procedure is to put the bike on the rear stand with the wheel off the ground. Engage a gear, in the hub and then set the throttle and magneto, operate the valve lifter, wind the handle which will turn the rear wheel and  the engine and once the engine is turning over release the valve lifter and all being well the engine should start. Adjust the throttle to a tick over speed and pull up the clutch, it has ratchet that keeps it pulled, apply the rear brake and once the wheel has stopped turning the bike can be taken off the stand. You now select low gear and release the  clutch in the normal manner. Simple.    

Many thanks Les for sharing the photos.



Hi All,

If you are thinking of selling a Dominator, then contact Michael Pierce on the link below. Forwarded from Andy Lodge of the Yorkshire Branch.

Cheers Harry Atkinson.EYNOC Secretary.


Please see the e-mail below copied from the NOC website, this was posted on the 11th June, Michael lives in the Leeds area.:

Hi, I am a new member and joined as I would like to get back on a norton after 50 years. Now have the time to rebuild a bike. Looking for a 99 or 88 in a slim line with matching numbers. Basket cases considered but would prefer a whole bike in any condition. E mail to or 0773431268. Look forward to any response


If you have any photos of projects you have on the go at the moment why not send in a photo or two. Anything you might think would be of interest. Use the email link below.



If you click on the coloured text on the home page a map of how to get to the Tiger Inn, Beverley, will come up so we will look forward to welcoming you at club meetings.