Section Notes & News February 2020.


January's Quiz Answer.


  This object is of some age and hand made. It is used by a particular group or race of people who inhabit the far northern areas of the world.

The object is a form of eye protection used by Eskimos of northern Canada. It is used mainly to stop the bright sunlight that is reflected from the surface of the snow that can cause "Snow Blindness".


These are a pair of German made goggles that use a slit to prevent rain and snow stinging the eyes. A similar idea the Eskimo type.






February's Quiz Question.



These objects come in pairs. They are made of hard wood. There is a modern equivalent. What are they?





This photo was sent in by Brian with it came a request for information about the Bike. It was posted on face book by the grandson of the owner Richard Holmes.. Richard would like to know the whereabouts of the bike as his dad has the original bill of sale and he would like to give it to the owner. DVLA say the bike is still in existence.

I can pass any information on. Thank you.


Also sent in by Brian.

The caption at the bottom says That police patrolman Jack Terry is chatting with Pat Hibbert from Nafferton about his 1914 Triumph. The venue was a rally at Withernsea.







Interesting photo. Sent in by Richard.






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