Past Events Reports.

East Yorkshire Section 2021

 Mid Lincs Pre 40s run.

Richard has sent in the following photos.

The run was well attended and every one enjoyed the event. The weather provided good riding conditions. Well done to the  organisers.



The Sunk Island Run.

The weather report promised that there would be no rain. It proved to be a dry ride for all the 26 riders that signed on. A good proportion of the riders were not local. There were riders from all areas of Yorkshire and some from Lincolnshire who had come to enjoy a traffic free ride on the unique roads of the Holderness Plain.


An impressive line up at the start.

This is where money changes hands.    Adjustments, lady bird cap.   All fixed.

           First man away.Nice cap.     Then there's a rush to set off.              Stone Creek.

I always like to stop at Stone Creek and have a look. It is the first time on a run that the water has been covering the mud flats so not many birds about. This is where the Hedon Drain outfalls into the Humber. The opposite bank on the horizon is Lincolnshire. The road here has been surfaced. When it was just a rubble pathway the bikes slowed and I was able to get some decent photos. This time the first group of riders through, led by Les on his Scott, caught me on the hop  as I was day dreaming and I missed them!

                   A traffic jam.                    You're being followed.       A lovely Montgomery twin.


There were no reports of any break downs and definitely no rain. A very pleasant day out amongst good company. Thank you riders for your support.  Some of you will have travelled a long way. The day was finished off by a welcome meal at the Haven Arms, many thanks to the management for for their hospitality.


Final thanks go to Brian for another cracking day out in East Yorkshire.



The Coast Run.

The weather had been a bit hit and miss all the week in so much  as the bad weather that had been forecast never came. Just a two minute shower on occasions just enough to keep the dust down. On the day of the run it looked as though the rain had passed through over night and the roads were mainly dry with pools in the gutters. By the time we had arrived at Tea Pot the sky was beginning to clear. There was one rider from West Yorkshire on his MZ already parked up.  I had only just finished saying hello when Brian, who was organising the run arrived on his Royal Enfield Meteor. Over the next hour there were six riders signed on.


                                   The early birds.              Almost everyone present.            The Office.




This machine is huge. It is articulated and bends in the middle.

It's very low to the ground and I am informed that it

has a Porsche engine. It also has a reverse gear. They  were not on

the run. Just enjoying themselves.


The 34 mile morning route went through the Thorpes to Burton Agnes on to Gransmoor and  Lissett. At Lissett there is a memorial to the members of 158 Bomber Squadron.


 The memorial is made from very thick steel sheets. The images have been cut using a water jet machine. The Artist is Peter Naylor of Beverley.   The cutting of the 8 foot high images and other construction work was all done by companies in the local area. The memorial's appearance does change with the seasons so it is always worth more than one visit.


The route then crossed the Bridlington road following the B1242 through Skipsea past the site of a Motte and Bailey Fort. The Norman castle at Skipsea, built in about 1086, was the residence and administrative centre of the lords of Holderness.

William the Conqueror created the lordship of Holderness, a vast area from the Humber estuary to Bridlington. He gave it to Drogo de la Beauvrière, who had fought alongside him at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The king needed a trusted follower there to control the area and the adjacent coastline. That's the end of the history lesson.

The route then went onto Hornsea Mere, the largest fresh water lake in Yorkshire, where food was available at the Mere Cafe.

Enjoying the bracing air at the Mere

The cafe was at one time was the control tower for a squadron of WW1 sea planes that was based at the Mere.( More history.) The afternoon route was 44 miles long passing Burton Constable on to Brands Burton heading towards Driffield. A left turn down Spellowgate.( Spellow is an old word for a meeting place.) and finally to Tea Pot.

Nobody got wet.

Thanks to Brian for another good day out.     


The Golden Era Run.

I have had some experience of the work and the difficulties experienced  when having to change the the venue of a run. So well done all those involved in putting this run on. I am sure all the riders appreciated your hard work. Well done.


                                   A Black Ariel.                         BSA Sloper.                     Norton CSI.

                         Brough.                     3 Wheels on my wagon.               All aboard in style.

                No run is complete without an H                        Is that Neil?                   Sunbeam?

             The event enjoyed good weather and a good turnout of riders and machines.

Many thanks to B.Springett-M.Condon- R.Maw for the photos they sent in.



The Derwent Amble.


Well here we are again. This is the first run report that has appeared on the web site for some time. Brian Springett has worked wonders getting to grips with the new regulations and forms also being confident in his skills to put on a run. Thank you Brian.


As we were at the top of Arras Hill, just outside of Market Weighton making our way to East Cottingwith we had a marvellous view of the Vale of York. A sky full of thunderous looking clouds with thermals pushing them into bulbous cotton wool shapes. We arrived early but were soon followed by  the first rider followed by a steady trickle of machines over the next hour or so.


                                (1)  See below.                          (2)Sunbeam. Matchless. ?          (3) Social distancing

(1)A flat tanker made up of various spares. Front forks are Not girders but telescopic. It had a wooden brake block on the rear rim. A TDC engine was fitted. It ran very well.

                     (1)See below.                     (2) The off side.         (3) Welcome Lincolnshire visitors.

(1) Written on the clutch cover "Lockdown Special" .


                  (1) First away.              (2) Tony leading the tiddlers.       (3) Last man away.

As far as I know there were no breakdowns.

The next run will be the Coast Run starting from Tea Pot Cafe on the 8th August.

Watch the Web site for details.Look in Comingevents.

Finally a big thank you to all at the "Pig in the Willow"

Another grand day out in East Yokshire.




The Beverley Run

The last run of the East Yorkshire riding season. Once again it was a very wet event, this is the third time, , I think it requires a change of date. At the moment there is a possible date of the 20th or 27th September that would fit in the 2020 calendar. We will look and see if there is any other available spaces as well.

Eight stalwart riders signed on and set off on the run. The route was sixty six miles long and led riders firstly to Middleton, and then Warter. The left turn at the end of the pond towards Huggate was blocked by a fallen tree. This obstacle caused a slight detour but riders were soon back on track, the next point of interest was Thixendale, a good climb out of the village onto the roman road to the radio mast at Acklam. Next the tricky narrow tight uphill corner to Wharham le Street. Next was Kirbygrindalylthe and onto Sledmere. It was here that the Moto Guzzi picked up a puncture. Two tins of sealant did the trick and discretion being the better part of valour this group of riders headed for home whilst the tire stayed up.

        Steve with his 1928 Sloper.            Mr &Mrs Barraclough.                 Before the puncture.


John with two DKWs waiting for the rain to ease.

The last part of the route was a straightforward return to Bishop Burton for a much needed lunch and hot drink at the College.   

It would be remiss of me not to mention Les Dawson, Mick, and Martin who all completed the run. They are just a few of the many supporters of our runs from nearby Sections. We are always pleased to welcome riders from other areas to our runs and hope to see you all next year.




The Sunbeam Challenge.

Les has recently sent the following photos for you all to share. I have no details of the run etc but a picture is worth a thousand words. So they tell me.

               Must start with a Sunbeam!            Three speed Scott.                  Montgomery.

                        Can you see me?                 Humber flat twin.                 Humber single.

                               Triumph.                      James "V" twin.                              BSA.



                                                                                   Norton.                                                Scott.

Many thanks Les for the photos and many thanks to Sunbeam Club.




The Brian Woolass Forest Run.

The weather had been a bit of a mixed bag the week before the run but on the day it was a little dull but on the whole good riding weather. The start was at Tea Pot Cafe, Finber roundabout, we were the first to show up but by the time Peter had set up the paper work riders started to arrive. A total of twenty signed on.

                    A nice BMW outfit.           A well cared for Velo.        E.Yorks  section member Paul's cub.

The three riders of the above machines had all travelled quite a distance just to get to the start.

Paul on one of the two Honda Cubs on the run had covered thirty - five miles to get to the start.

                 Oldest bike 1928 BSA.              Glinting in the light.       The Office.(Closed for tea Break).



               All that glitters is a Goldie.     Ten years in the building.               It's only 250cc.  

   The morning run headed towards Malton in a meandering fashion and then to Thornton le Dale car park. Brian and Karl stood guard over the bikes whilst riders headed for lunch in Thornton le Dale. A distance of forty three miles was covered on the morning run.


                                       First to arrive for lunch.           The 20 bikes in one line.

The run back to Tea pot of course went via the Dalby Forest, Helperthorpe and Sledmere which gave a total run distance of eighty-eight miles. There were no reports of any breakdowns and there was just a insignificant shower of rain on the way back.

Another Cracking day out in Yorkshire.

Many thanks to all that rode and of course to Peter for an enjoyable day out.


Mid Lincs Northern Veterans Run.

This event stated at Wickenby airfield at the moment there are no notes available may be they will follow at a later date, but mean while lots of photos that give a good idea of the event.

                             Early Rover.                      " Don't know"!!!!                              P&M


                     BSA "V" twin.                       Royal Enfield.                            AJS.

Lunch stop at Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa which was a joint event with the AJS & Matchless club, free food too.



                                                                      A smart single.                               Two Twins.



  Many thanks to all that took part.

  Thanks to Stuart and all the helpers.

              A good day out in Lincolnshire.




Mid Links Mystery Run.


At the Start.

           How many hands do you need.           A good turn out with a good mix of machines.

Nineteen riders started this years Mystery Run beginning once again from the Happy Cafe at Sandtoft airfield. Heading through Sandtoft village towards Hatfield before turning off onto the A18 for a short distance then skirting Thorne & heading towards Snaith.
The route then meandered through Goudall & Hensall before making a turn onto the A19 then turning at the Euro Auctions site (this gets larger every time you go past, it’s huge) through Kellington, Beal, Birkin, West Haddersley back across the A19 to Carlton. The last part of the morning route then headed via narrow back roads towards Drax where the lunch stop was taken at the Sports & Social club.


           Complete with 1940 tax disc.             RE.Model G2.                Mile Eater. (Gloves?)    


The lunch was without doubt the best choice carvery ever seen, never was so much choice on display, therteen enjoyed a hearty meal.
The afternoon route headed back into old Goole and Swinefleet before turning off down the river side via Reedness, Whitgift, Ousefleet, Adlingfleet, Fockerby & Garthorpe turning in the direction of Luddington then into Eastoft & Crowle. Once in Crowle the back streets were travelled, over the Doncaster/Grimsby railway then back into Sandtoft & the starting point at Happy Cafe.


           I would Know Les anywhere.         A striking Lightening.       Shoes as shiny as the bike.


An enjoyable day was had by most, apologies again to those who came from the Drax area but it is good to vary the route, one bike was problematic after lunch but managed to get home, one breaking down near Luddington having to be recovered back to Brigg for further investigation.


                                   Yet another good day out in the Mid Lincs area.

Many thanks to Richard for the run, the photos and words.




The Sunk Island Run.

What a wonderful day for riding your bike. Wall to wall sunshine all day, a relaxing route, traffic free roads and just to finish off the day, a good lunch.

Les' Triumph one of the first to arrive.   A Hobart and a Raleigh.    A Cotton with a Blackburne motor.


          Tony's well patinated Sunbeam.       Not often seen Levis.               Brian's BSA.


Situated about half way round the thirty mile route is Stone Creek. The photo shows the creek which helps drain the land into the Humber Estuary.  In the far distance, just visible, is Immingham and North Killingholme in Lincolnshire.  

The next few photos are taken at the bridge over the creek. The area is also known for its bird population.



            Mick first over on his Scott.        Aptly  named Humber.      Stan, Moira and dog on a RE.

 Last man. Blue sky, flat land, perfect.           "I see no ships"                     Good food.


Many thanks to all the riders who took part.


Many thanks to Dennis for organising the run.


A cracking day out in East Yorkshire.