Past Events Reports.

East Yorkshire Section.


The Bamburgh Run.

East Yorks Section member Brian Springett took part in the Bamburgh run on his side valve BSA and sent in the following note and photos to share with you all.


  On Sunday I was in Northumberland doing the 'Bamburgh Run'.
 It was a lovely day and event, many interesting machines taking part.
 My BSA completed the longer 75 mile route all ok. I attach some photos.




Many thanks Brian.

The June Jaunt.

The weather was forecast to be good with no rain and so it proved to be on the day. East Yorks riders were a bit thin on the ground and other sections in the area had events scheduled for the same day so it was a select group, thirteen riders in all, that followed the excellent route from Tea Pot Cafe to the Feversham Arms at Church Houses.


                            Signing on.                    The scene at Tea Pot.        Dennis and bike still going.


                       Along the valley to Thixendale.                  The drop down to Leavening.


                          A big un.                    A tiddler hiding at the back.          Nice blue exhaust.


                           Our Host.            A good meal was partaken.  Geoff ready to go.

Many thanks to Glen and all who took part

Another grand day out .


Mid Lincs Breakfast Run.

Twenty turned up for this year's Breakfast Meet at Caister Lakes. They looked after us and the food was  good.
Only four went for a ride afterwards. There was a good range of machines. The Coventry Eagle fitted with a 680cc. "v" twin engine sounded very nice. The DOT Trials bike with a 197cc. Villiers power unit looked fresh out of the workshop.

Thanks to all who took part.

More photos from Sturgate.

I don't think I would do this to my helmet.


This "Green Machine" has a large c.c. JAP s.v. engine to power it. The clutch looks like a normal motor cycle style but the gear box is what you would call a heavy weight. The seat is positioned so that the driver is positioned sides ways to the direction of travel. I would think that is so the driver doesn't have to twist around to see when going in reverse. The oil and fuel tank are fitted just above the cylinder head and the exhaust silencer, not ideal for an air cooled engine. It has a large size clutch pedal. The brake is the wheel mounted on the top of the pedestal in front of the seat. I wonder how you started it up? Thanks Les for the Photos.

The Betty Fisher Run.

After nearly a week of wet weather Sunday was a glorious day. Clear blue skies and wall to wall bright sunshine. Forty four riders signed on at Bry-Betts farm, Lamworth Lane, Rise, in Holderness. As well as a good local turn out, many riders from other areas of Yorkshire came to swell the numbers.

                   The empty farm yard.               Typical local road.         Local riders among the first.

                       Mid Lincs riders.                    Mind the flag.                  More riders arriving.


                          A good line up.                         Shiny.                              Nice Aerial.

                             First away.                           The Mere.                    Amongst the boats.

The morning route took riders to Marton, a place where fracking for oil is being explored.

Onwards to Flinton, Withernwick, Little Hatfield, Bewholme and into Hornsea for lunch. Riders had the choice of the Mere Cafe, the Victoria or finding fish and chips on the sea front. A total of thirty miles.

The afternoon's route first port of call was Mapleton, where it was possible to catch the first glimpse of the sea. Next Aldbrough and a lengthy run down the coast to the turn for Fitling. Sproatley next, turn right at the old court house and pass in front of Burton Constable Hall. A five mile meander through the woods along the side of the Hall and finally back to the farm. This made a total mileage of just short of sixty.



                      Last of the summer wine.              Three wise men???             Our host Brian.



To finish off the day's event the riders showed their appreciation of the work the host, Brian, and his family had put in to make the day most pleasurable. A token of appreciation was given to the ladies for their sterling work supplying the riders and guests with refreshments throughout the day.

Finally riders names were pulled out of the hat to have a rummage in the "Lucky Bag" .



Steve Fisher has just let me know that donations made at the Betty Fisher Run raised £55 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Well done everybody.




                Photos sent in after the first were posted. Many thanks. Support the Section.

                                      The oldest bikes at the run.     A rare 350cc Honda twin.

                                       Ridden by Nikki & Marie.


              Many thanks to all that took part.

A good day out in East Yorkshire.



The Coast to Coast run.

The event is flat tank/girder fork/low power so a real mix of participants,
Honda 90s, FSIEs, Honda Mobylette Norton 16H, and various 350/500 flat tank
and early saddle tanks.

                            At the start.                Looks a bit damp to me.       A selection of the tiddlers.


 A pause in the journey.NB the high viz.  That's what you call a garage. What's going on here then?

Personally very successful, 276 miles there and back without problem, and
new piston well on the way to being run in. Unfortunately Rob's BSA C12 gave up
midway through Saturday with a persistent misfire that none of us could
track down, it then travelled in the 'van of shame' see photo and note the reg number.

It was filthy weather at the start but then brightened up to be mostly
sunny but a cold and windy journey. Saturday went along the riverside of
Newcastle centre under all the bridges, then followed the military road
along the Wall  through to the North of the lakes and round to St Bees.
Sunday was much better and headed further south past Ennerdale water and
Loweswater, across the plain to climb up Hartside, on to Caldbeck through
Weardale to Corbridge and then skirted the north suburbs of Newcastle back
to Tynemouth. Both days beautiful scenery, which there is time to appreciate at 25mph!

Well done Brian and Rob both members of our Section.

Thank you for the words and photos.


Mid Lincs Pre 40s


                        S.V.Sunbeam.                          Nice "V" Twin.              Nice looking exhaust.


Double Sloper, with foot operated horn.  Magneto stood on its end.               A Riley?


Celebrating its centenary, 100 years old this year.
It has a bantam front brake grafted in rather than the stirrup original, looked OK too.

The event was from Sturgate Airfield in Lincoln.

Many thanks to Stuart and all who helped.



The Tiger Trot

The only way to describe the weather was GREY. There weren't many blue patches showing in the sky but it wasn't raining. We were early but not the first there. Others began to arrive and eventually fifteen riders signed on.

                      My able assistant.                     Unloading.                  Fuelling   background.)

                         More arrivals.             Nifty foot work! Tap trouble.         Alan first away.

In the sixth photo, the raised stone plinth on the village green, is the site of the "Whipping Post". It is here that the last public whipping was carried out in England.

                        What's wrong!                                                        Petrol tap fixed and on the way.


The riders set off on a circular route of just under forty miles. Turning off the main road at Sancton up the hill and across the A1079. Down hill towards Goodmanham, under the railway bridge and along the enclosure road to Etton. Turn right to Cherry Burton, next Bishop Burton, straight across at the traffic lights to Bentley and Little Weighton. Past Rowley where the local vicar and his parishioners joined the Pilgrim Fathers and made the journey to America. Turn right down Eloughton Dale Road towards Welton via two bridges over the A63 into Brantingham and up Spout Hill, quite a climb. Turn right to Riplingham over the railway tunnel, the air shafts for the tunnel can be seen in the adjacent field. A drop down into Wallkington turn left to Newbald. Riding along the valley passed Little Wood opposite which is an old execution cemetery. Finally into Newbald and a good lunch at the Tiger Inn.

                   Eddie arriving back.                      Zwei DKWs                     Ken on his York.


 There was only one breakdown, Rob Marshall's BSA ran out of sparks.

Fellow rider, S.Rowley, also on a BSA, had had trouble with his petrol tap at the start and was the last away came to his rescue. He completed the rest of the run and then went back with his trailer and brought Rob back. Well done that man.

The two DKWs, one a civilian and the other a military model, are the machines BSA copied to create the Bantam. The DKW, having a much lighter frame construction would I think, have a better performance.

             Another good day out in East Yorkshire.

Thanks to all those who took part.

Four wise men.


The Spring Run.

It is here at last - the first run of the 2019 season. The Spring Run from the Beechwood Cafe.

The weather was not as good as was forecast. There was a lot of cloud cover which was being quite effective at blocking out the sun and this coupled with a wind dropped the temperature somewhat.

However the riders being  hardy Yorkshire and Lincolnshire folk, Glen was soon busy "signing on" people and an entry of twenty five was soon reached.

  I was very heartened to see Alan Clarke (left) looking very well after a over coming illness and able to ride once more. Well done.


A trio of bikes from a trio of counties.


Brian and Phil's bikes.           TheNorton is ex Alan Frankish   who is also doing well after illness.




           Getting ready.                         Ready - Go.                     Still in the Cafe.


Dennis the oldest rider(90) on the oldest machine.


The morning route headed off to Harswell-Allerthorpe  - Kirbyunderdale - Leavening - and finally North Grimston for lunch at The Middleton Arms.


                   Outside the lunch stop.                                 Inside the lunch stop.


After lunch the route led riders to Duggleby -Sledmere - and by various wanderings to Tibthorpe - to Bracken and finally back to Beechwood.(Yet more tea.)


Many thanks to all the riders. Good to see you all again.


Many thanks to Glen for another good day out in East Yorkshire.



The Autumn Amble.

The weather had been bad the previous week with prolonged rain and high winds, but come the day of the run the weather had changed and a dry day was the optimistic forecast. Dry but not warm and not a lot of sunshine. As we made our way to the start at Tea Pot Cafe Fimber, there was not much traffic on the roads. We were early but some riders were already there raring to go!

                 Note the twin front brake.       Two Tonys Talking.           Ralph a West Riding visitor.

All the talking has stopped and the riding begins.

Rider numbers were down which is a shame but perhaps we have become used to wall to wall sunshine so the chance of rain and the low temperature has put a few people off. Remember the next run is the last one of the year for East Yorkshire Section. The route took riders to Church Houses for lunch. The Feversham Arms was busy but there was room for more.


                   The Mid Lincs Crew.                  Dining al fresco.            Ralph setting off home.



                   A sample of the view.             Trust me it's LEFT.                  Now it's RIGHT.


Despite getting confused with left and right they found the way back to Tea Pot for another cupper and a chat. No one got wet and no breakdowns were reported. In fact another cracking day out in Yorkshire.

Many thanks to those who took part and to Glen for his organisation.



The Sunbeam September Run.

Photos by Les Dawson.

                        A nice line up.                   A rare Royal Enfield.            Model P Triumph.


           A rare Matchless Silver Arrow.       4 stroke James next to BSA.       The Dawson team.

(Cedar Barn farm shop . Thornton road Pickering.)


The Mid Lincs Northern Veteran Run.

(Words and photos by Richard.)

        Water cooled flat twin Humber.             A good line up.            With a Rover in the background.



This years Northern Veteran Run was from Wickenby Airfield as before, on arrival we were welcomed by a lovely smell of bacon wafting out of the cafe door from those having breakfast, nothing to do with the run I might add.

                                   Scott.            One of two black Ariels on the run.                      AJS.

After signing on people began to set off, in small groups and on there own in the direction of Holton cum Beckering then on the Market Rasen Road before turning off towards Buslingthorpe returning almost from where we had started before turning towards Snarford.
We travelled on some narrow roads until the A158 Lincoln road for a mile then turned towards Apley then Stainfield to Barney where there was a stop at Chris and Dianeís for some of her lovely home baked cakes. After having our fill, thanking Diane, looking around Chrisís garage and shed we turned into Barney centre turning left almost immediately at the Post Office towards Wadingworth. Following a pleasant and quiet route via villages not heard of before the route circled round towards Wragby but turning off back to the start at Wickenby.


                           Raleigh.                    One of two 16H on the run.       Model "N" Triumph.


Twenty-seven signed on for this years run and apart from one breakdown where a chain was lost & the back up driver getting lost twice a good day was had by all. This run is now so popular we even had Peter Dawson coming over from Spain to experience yet another great day out in mid Lincolnshire.

                    The other Back Ariel.                        BSA.                   Imperial-(Not new or mint)


Many thanks to all that took part and to Stewart for organising the run.