Welcome to the East Yorkshire Section of the V.M.C..


Club meetings are changing venue and times.

 We will now meet at the Half Moon at Skidby on the Second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.

Your first meeting at the new venue will be November 9th.



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Latest update 9th.October.2021



       Section Notes, Harry's Page.


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            Past Events.------------------2021 & 2020


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----The Sunk Iseland Run. (Posted 30th August.)

---The Coast Run. (Posted 9th of August.

---The Derwent Amble. (Posted5th July.)

--- The Golden Era Run.(Posted 1st. July.)


---The Beverley Run.(Posted 15th October.)

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---The Forest Run.(Posted 16th September.)

---The Northern Vetran Run.(Posted 16th September.)

---Mid Lincs Mystery Run(Posted September 4th.)

---The Sunk Island Run. (Posted August 26th.)

---The Seaside Run.(Posted 12th August.)

---Golden Era run.(Posted 29th July.)


Coming Events.)