Welcome to the East Yorkshire Section of the V.M.C.C.

Club meetings at the Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverley. the first Sunday of the month at 8.00.

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Latest update 23rd. May 2019. 


     Calendar of events for 2019.

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       Section Notes and Harry's Page.

---Roadside Marker.(Posted 23 rd May.)


--Motor cycle Lift Bench.For Sale.(Posted 6th May.)

---May's Quiz Question.(Posted 1st May.)

---Odds and Ends.(Posted 1st May.)

---Photos and Notes from Staford etc.(Posted 29 April.)

---April's Quiz Answer. (Posted 1st May.)




            Past Events.------------------2019

---Up date on Mid Lincs Sturgate run.(Posted 22nd May,)


---The Betty Fisher Run,(Posted 12th May.)

(Update showing monies raised at the run.)


---Coast to Coast Run.(Posted 7 May.)

---Mid Lincs Pre 40s Run.(Posted 6th May.)

--The Tiger Trot. (Posted 25th April.)

---The Spring Run. (Posted 14th April.

Coming Events.

---Notice of New Auction.(Posted 3rd May.)

---Bety Fisher Run.(Posted 3rd May.)



---The Autumn Amble.(Posted 24th September.)

---The Sunbeam September Run.(Posted 18th September.)

---Mid Links Northern Veteran Run.(Posted 17th September.)

---The Brian Woolas Forest Run.(Posted 9th September.)

---Mid Links Mystery Run. (Posted 3 rd July.)

---Sunk Island Run.(Posted 27th. August )

---Mid Lincs Day Run.(Posted 10th August.)

---Golden Era Run.(Posted 30July.)

---Founder's Day Photos.(Posted 23rd July.)

---Mid Links Day Run.(Posted 16 July.)

---Mid Lincs Banbury Run.(Posted 19 June.)

---The Banbury Run.(Posted 18th.June.)-

---The Betty Fisher Run.(Posted 14 May.)

Update from the Betty Fisher run.Donations from this event raised 46 for the Yokshire Air Ambulance.

--The Relay Run.(Posted 7th May,)

-The Wolds Run. (Posted 7th May.)

---The Tiger Trot. (Posted 23rd April.)

--The Spring Run.(Posted 9th April.)

---Saturday Wanderings. (Posted 24 September.) 

---Mid Links Day Run.(Posted 14 July.)

---Little Weighton Steam Fair. (Posted 25 June.)

---Summer Saunter.(Posted 5th. June.)