Welcome to the East Yorkshire Section of the V.M.C..

Club meetings at the Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverley. the first Sunday of the month at 8.00.




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Latest update 19th. January.2021.


    All events for 2020-1 are cancelled untill further Notice.


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---East Yorkshire Section  College Run 1982.Latest update.(Posted 19th. January)

Photo of The College Arms pub.

----Old bikes in Hull. (Posted 8th January.)



            Past Events.------------------2019

---The Beverley Run.(Posted 15th October.)


---The Sunbeam Challenge. (Posted20th September.)

---The Forest Run.(Posted 16th September.)

---The Northern Vetran Run.(Posted 16th September.)

---Mid Lincs Mystery Run(Posted September 4th.)

---The Sunk Island Run. (Posted August 26th.)

---The Seaside Run.(Posted 12th August.)

---Golden Era run.(Posted 29th July.)

---The Derwent Amble.(Posted 14thJuly.)

A Correction to above report.(Posted 15 July.)


Coming Events.)  

---Club Nights @ The Tiger Inn Beverley are Cancelled untill further Notice.